Getting Started

Getting Started

Get Familiar

When you are familiar with the Method of Centering prayer, you can really begin praying.  Read the Pamphlet on the Method of Centering Prayer and clarify any questions with someone who is familiar with the prayer practice or alternatively submit your enquiry to the team at Contemplative Outreach Ireland who will be happy to respond to you.

Introductory Workshop

To truly ground yourself in the practice of Centering Prayer it would be helpful to attend an Introductory Workshop with a Contemplative Outreach trained presenter who will guide you in the method of Centering Prayer and encourage you to begin a daily commitment to the practice.  It is recommended to study the book “Open Mind Open Heart” by Fr. Thomas Keating that is designed to initiate the reader into a deep, living relationship with God.

Those who attend an Introductory Workshop are also encouraged to further deepen their understanding by attending a six-week follow up programme.

Further Optional Reading

Other books to read when getting started that you may find helpful are: